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The amazing SightsTour with English-speaking Taxi driver!

Nobusan, the taxi driver of the Japan Tourism Agency authorization guide qualification holder guides  you splendid scene of Kyoto,  Biwako,  Nara sightseeing.

ー Kyoto & Nara Off The Beaten Track Itineraries ー


Want to wander through Kyoto & Nara rarely seen and really get off the beaten track ?  Here are Hidden itineraries to show you some of the other faces of the city, I will guide you there  in professional & friendly manner.


~ Excellent Kyoto Sightseeing Taxi & licensed guide ~

Private English Tour in Kyoto, Nara and Lake Biwa by Nobusan.

The place celebrated for its scenery

The sights by TOYOTA ALPHARD
The sights by TOYOTA ALPHARD, Riding capacity 6 passengers

I have guided as a taxi driver without a license of guide for more than 15 years. But I realized that I need to study more to become a excellent guide.

For a long time, I have dreamed to become a Government licensed tour guide. 

I studied hard to pass the 4 tests which include Japanese history, culture, geography and of course, English comprehension.


My dream came true!


I obtained a Government license of tour guide.  Now I can explain you the profound cultural and historical backgrounds. I will conduct you into the precinct of each spot, and explain you the details in English.

Please enjoy the most beautiful city with kyoto sightseeing taxi, a licensed guide & a taxi driver !
I do my best to live up to your expectations.



Make you happy and move you !

Ryoan-ji Temple, mysterious rock garden
Ryoan-ji Temple, mysterious rock garden


Nobuaki  Nagata in kyoto city

Please call me "Nobu" or "Nobusan" as a nickname.


Name:  Nobuaki  Nagata
Japan Natinal Tourist Office approval 

 Government licensed guide/ English-speaking taxi driver
Cert. No. Kyoto EN00383


p.s. The Voice of my guest is proof of the trust in the sightseeing service and also is a driving force to sightseeing service improvement too.I appreciate it.

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